Tribal Style Capricorn Tattoo

Last weekend, I got my first new tattoo in over three years. It’s been a long time coming, and I’m super pumped.

This is my fourth tattoo, but it’s a design that I’ve wanted since I turned 18. For some reason, I got three others before finally committing to this one:

capricorn tattoo

Artist was Jamie at Altered Images in OKC. Image inspiration from here.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

No, it’s not a dragon. It’s a Capricorn, a seagoat. In a tribal style, with a very tiny, very basic, Aries symbol on the neck. The tail wraps all the way around my bicep.

tribal style capricorn tattoo tail

These pics are from right after the artist finished, so it’s pretty red and swollen.

I wanted to get a Capricorn tattoo because I haven’t found anything else that so succinctly describes me. Now, I don’t believe in horoscopes or astrological signs as a way to predict the future. I don’t even believe that the signs will automatically predict a person’s personality.

All I’m saying is that Capricorn describes me. Always has.

Life is one big project for these folks, and they adapt to this by adopting a businesslike approach to most everything they do. –

Ambitious, determined, organized, pragmatic, stubborn, loner, dry sense of humor.

And even in those times when I feel disconnected from the traits of the sign, it is what I aspire to be: patient, motivated, hard-working.

Now, I don’t believe that I am this way because I was born under a certain astrological sign, either. It’s just a convenient way of wordlessly describing who I am or who I want to be.

Aries is my brother’s sign. He passed away 7 years ago today. Every one of my tattoos has something to do with him, so I wanted to continue that tradition.

Also, as I was looking into the Aries descriptions, there are things that I wish I had, characteristics that I would like to cultivate.

Aries is a bundle of energy and dynamism, kind of like a Pied Piper, leading people along with its charm and charisma. –

My brother was very young when he died, but even at 11, he was showing many of the qualities described for Aries: bold, energetic, courageous, full of inner strength.

I always admired those things about him.

So, I really love this tattoo. I’m thinking that in the future I might add some color to it. Maybe a few shades of blue, or even rainbow, for the scales. I haven’t decided, yet. Even if I don’t end up changing anything, I’m really glad I finally got this one checked off the list.

So tell me, what meanings do your tattoos have?


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